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10 places you must visit in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most fascinating capitals in the region. 'The South American Paris' - the city's nickname - stands out for its architecture with European influence, the active cultural movements, and the customs that remain alive in the most traditional neighborhoods.

The city has so much to see that it is almost impossible to get to know it 100% in a single visit. That's why we have selected 10 of the most emblematic places you cannot miss, and that will give you a first glimpse of how amazing Buenos Aires is.

1. The Obelisk

The Buenos Aires icon is located at the intersection of 9 de Julio and Corrientes avenues, two of the main thoroughfares in the city. It was inaugurated on May 23, 1936, to commemorate the 400 years of the foundation of Buenos Aires. Today, it is the meeting point for celebrations and one of the points that you cannot visit.

2. Caminito

You know you are in Caminito because of its peculiar houses, street artists, the sound of Tango, and the aroma of 'asado' or Argentinian Barbecue. In the past, the houses were occupied by Italian immigrants, who painted them with the remains from the port. Hence its unique colors.

3. Puerto Madero

One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, where the past meets modernity, it is perfect to enjoy local cuisine and beautiful views of the Río de la Plata. The Women's Bridge is its biggest attraction and houses museums and galleries with various art exhibitions.

4. Recoleta Cemetery

The beauty of this cemetery lies in its tombs and marble mausoleums, where well-known Argentine personalities such as presidents and athletes rest. Its 19th-century French architectural style is characteristic of the Recoleta neighborhood, one of the most elegant and exclusive in Buenos Aires.

5. San Telmo neighborhood

San Telmo seems to have stopped in time. Its buildings house antique shops, restaurants, and classic bars, where bohemia is present on every corner. The traditional San Telmo Fair is held every Sunday, bringing together dozens of artists who offer their work to the rhythm of tango.

6. Plaza de Mayo

Center of the most important political events, Plaza de Mayo is the city's founding point and oldest square. Around it is the Casa Rosada (Government House), the Metropolitan Cathedral, and Buenos Aires Cabildo, today transformed into a museum dedicated to the May Revolution.

7. The Boca and River Plate stadiums

If we talk about Buenos Aires, we cannot fail to mention two of the most representative teams in Argentina: Boca Juniors and River Plate. Both have their stadiums in the city (in the Boca and Belgrano neighborhoods, respectively) which open their doors to visitors, and have museums for soccer lovers.

8. Colon Theater

Considered one of the best in the lyrical world, the Colon Theatre is a work of art that we can enjoy today. Its beautifully decorated dome, the red velvet seats, and the impressive stage have seen great artists such as Stravinsky and Pavarotti pass by. Be sure to see a show at the Colón and enjoy its full splendor!

9. Japanese Garden

It is the largest garden of this style outside of Japan and features unique traditional elements that transform the visit into a memorable experience. Walk surrounded by bonsais, orchids, and typical lanterns, have tea in the Chashitsu built in an artisan way or relax watching the birds in the different lagoons.

10. Floralis Generica

Buenos Aires has a strong cultural and artistic movement, so it is not uncommon to find art pieces on every corner. One example is the Floralis Generica, an impressive 20-meter-high steel sculpture that opens and closes depending on the time of day. You can find it in the Recoleta neighborhood.





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