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Best things to do in South America

South America is an amazing place to visit. Anyone who has explored the region will tell you, whether it is for a short vacation or a long term trip, there are so many reasons to visit. The huge diversity of what can be savored there means that almost everyone will find what they want and more from their vacation.

1. PERU – Cruise Down The Amazon on a river boat

An Amazon river cruise is truly like no other cruise on Earth. It’s the best way to experience the fascinating habitat of the Amazon Jungle. Travel deep into some of the Amazon’s largest protected reserves, experience different ecosystems and wildlife.

2. ARGENTINA – Experience all of Europe in just one city

This grandiose city with wide avenues and a vibrant cosmopolitan flair is more generally European than Latin American in character. Having little colonial architecture and few landmark buildings, Buenos Aires is chiefly a city of distinctive neighbourhoods that have their own meeting places, generally coffeehouses or bars.

3. BOLIVIA – Let your imagination wild on the Bolivian Salt Flats

There are a lot of places on Earth considered to be spectacular in a unique and mysterious fashion. Bolivia’s popular salt flats or Salar de Uyuni definitely qualifies. Enjoy a picnic in the middle of the salar and spend an incredible night in the Palacio de Sal, one of the most exotic hotels in the world, since it is built entirely with salt.

4. CHILE – Enjoy a wine testing session

In addition to beautiful landscapes, you will enjoy a tour of the best wineries and the best selection of wines that Chile have for you while you travel through the Andes.The southern extreme of the large Rapel Valley is best known as the Colchagua Valley, a zone that has traditionally been highly celebrated for its ripe and juicy red wines.

5. BRAZIL – Get soaked by Iguazu Falls

Declared a World heritage site by UNESCO, is often revered as the world´s most spectacular waterfall. Situated on the border of the Brazilian state, offers a number of vantage points to see incredible panoramic views. You can walk right around the falling water, take a boat tour to the mouth of the waterfall, and explore the National Park next to the waterfall.

6. COLOMBIA – Experience colombian coffee culture

Colombia’s coffee region set amidst the rugged hills between Medellin and Cali produces some of the finest coffee in the world. Besides learning how the coffee is made, you can experience stunning national parks, vibrant cities, and quiet pueblos. We’re spilling the beans with some expert tips on getting around the region and the best places to visit.

7. ECUADOR – Snorkeling in the tropical waters

The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most beautiful and rare animals in the world, not to mention some of the most stunning surroundings. The muse of Darwin’s theories and the site of hundreds of unique indigenous flora and fauna, it’s a nature-lover’s paradise.





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