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Cusco by night

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

When it comes to nightlife, the city of Cusco is really Peru’s hotspot and one of South America’s best! So, don’t forget your dancing shoes and let’s get this party started!!!

The former Inca capital now features an incredibly diverse array of bars and clubs for you to pick your favorite or try a bunch of them on a kick-ass bar-crawl. You’ll find everything from laid-back bars serving the best pisco-cocktails or a fantastic selection of local craft beers, to busy nightclubs where you can show off your best dancing moves or pubs with great live music shows. Tip: If you are planning on doing the Inca Trail or other hikes, you might want to choose the less boisterous options and save the others for when you’re back.

And, for those keen on picking up new skills, there are opportunities for learning some salsa steps or how to make pisco cocktail at the many classes offered for tourists throughout the city.

So, let’s dive into it and see what the Inca city has in store for you!


Museo del Pisco (Santa Catalina Ancha 398)

This is pisco paradise, people! This place was setup by a group of passionate pisqueros (enthusiast pisco experts) to serve tribute to the national drink. Enjoy a diversity of pisco and cocktail options or dive heads first into the matter, signing up for a pisco tasting, pisco cocktail classes or pisco-chocolate pairing sessions. Museo del Pisco also serves food and has some live music to lighten up the atmosphere.

República del Pisco (Calle Plateros 354)

Of course, you can satisfy your thirst for pisco here too… maybe give the flavored pisco sours a try? The coca sour or passion fruit sour are amongst the favorites. Live music shows are a great boost to the night at this bar and at some point people might start dancing too.

Fallen Angel (Plazoleta Nazarenas 221)

It’s really a restaurant-bar, but has a funky nightclub atmosphere and occasionally hosts special gatherings, including LGTBI events. It’s located in a historical patrimonial 17th Century colonial house, built on top of Inca foundations, and features an eccentric décor and funky art pieces. It’s a very fun, vibrant place to go for drinks and a true classic of the local nightlife.

Cholos Craft Beers (Calle Palacio)

If you are an absolute craft beer fanatic, then you can’t miss this spot!!! Picture 20 taps pouring the best craft beers in town. Burgers and other bar food is available to keep you comfortable while you taste them all!!!

Nuevo Mundo Draft Bar (Portal Confituria 233, Main Square)

A newer option for you, beer fanatics! This one has a nice view over the Plaza de Armas (main square). Heads up: The “Papas Sacred Valley” (French fries with a local twist) seem to be very popular too!

The Cross Keys (Calle Triunfo 350, 2nd floor)

If you want a break from pisco and other local classics, try this English pub where you can drink the night away while playing pool, poker or darts. English food also available!


Mythology (Portal de Carnes 298)

If you are ready for some more action, head to this groovy and usually crowded club, generally playing a reggae-hip hop mix, as well as other modern genres. If you get there early, though, you might catch their nightly salsa classes (9-11pm). This is definitely a favorite of locals and tourists.

Ukukus (Calle Plateros 316)

Are you looking for a place that’s a bit rowdier and buzzing??? Head to Ukukus, a very popular disco-pub that attracts the younger, most lively crowd, and prepare yourself to dance all of your stress away!! Local music talents generally put on a good show and when the DJ takes over, the mix can include pretty much everything that might keep the party going until morning time.


Nighttime tour, plus pisco sour lesson

If you are still unsure about what to do with your spare night in town, maybe our Cusco by Night tour is a good way to kick-off!! Contact to one of our travel specialist!

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