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Peru, Empire of Hidden Treasures

“Empire of hidden treasures” the phrase that entitles this article gives name to the new advertising campaign that Promperu (government organization responsible for promoting tourism in Peru) launched on September 15th. The aim of the campaign is to promote Peru as a tourist destination with a wide range of ancestral cultures (in which there is much more to see besides Machu Picchu) and that offers tourists comfort at all levels.

The main pieces of this campaign are two videos that are now circulating on the Internet. The first video, called “The Beginning”, gives an overview of the ancient cultures preceding the Incas whose rich culture and vestiges can be enjoyed by tourists who visit Peru today. Among the cultures shown are the Chavin Culture and its majestic sacred representations in stone; the Chimu Culture and its totora reed horses and “Chan-Chan“, world’s largest adobe city, the Paracas Culture and its mummies, covered by the finest looms of all ancient Peru, The Nazca Culture and its enigmatic Nazca Lines drawn in the desert and that continue to be a mystery to the world; the Mochica Culture, its fine jewelry and its great lords, that were gods on earth (the Lord of Sipan and the Lady of Cao are the most representatives Mochica governors), the Chachapoyas Culture and fortress of Kuelap, perched on top of a mountain; and finally the Incas, who collected the best of all these cultures and added their great organizational ability to give birth to the largest empire ever existed in America, which makes of the Incas one of the most important cultures of all times.

The second video, called “The Legacy” is an invitation to live the adventure of visiting Peru, as suggested by the campaign slogan: “Peru, don’t watch the movie, live it for real!” You can now visit a place where ancient cultures live in the legacy inherited by its descendants and where one can expect the highest level of comfort, with an exquisite cuisine increasingly recognized by the world, a fun destination and stunning environments. Peru has much to offer its visitors, not only tourist attractions, but a wide range of facilities for those tourists who venture to live the movie.

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