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Peru Travel Route #2: Moche and Kuelap

On this second post, we will advise you some more on the amazing attractions you can visit on your journey to Peru. This time we will talk about the Moche and Kuelap routes.

Your trip to Peru starts with your arrival to the northern city of Trujillo. Take a city tour around this beautiful city, where you will be able to appreciate ancient Republican and Colonial architecture. Additionally, go to Huanchaco beach to enjoy delicious sea food. Ending your day at the Chan Chan ruins (ancient Chimu culture). The next day, visit the overwhelming Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon (ruins of the Moche culture). Then see the adobe frescos at the Temple of the Moon. And end the day visiting the local museum of Huacas de Moche.

On your third day, you will have a field trip to the Lord of Sipan tomb at Huaca Rajada. Followed by the “Tumbas Reales” Museum; where you will see the reconstruction of the main tomb and marvelous royal jewels. At the end of the day you will be taken to the Tucume Pyramids Complex (a group of 26 pyramids, the largest complex of its kind on the Peruvian Coast). The most amazing closure for his trip will be with the visit of the Witches Market in Chiclayo (where Shamans sell artifacts and herbs for their rituals). All of this as part of our 5 day package to Trujillo & Chiclayo.

If the route to the north of Peru isn’t enough and you want to get to the deep of the Peruvian forests, then you can take the 10 day package that we have for you: Northern Peru and its Powerful Kingdoms of Mud. Start this adventure in Lima: “The City of the Kings”. Walk around the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) and the historic buildings that surround it. Continue visiting the pre-Incan archaeological complex of Huaca Huallamarca, followed by the Miraflores residential district and its beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

Trujillo where you will take the Trujillo and Chiclayo tour, but instead of shopping to the Witches Market, you will travel to the jungle, to Chachapoyas. Once in Chachapoyas, walk through the jungle and amaze yourselves with the colorful mausoleums of Revash. Visit the Mallqui Museum of mommies (of the Chachapoyas culture). During the next day, take the adventure tour to the Kuelap Fortress, an amazing construction still covered with vegetation so its real dimensions remain unknown. Spend the night at Cocachimba, and end your trip visiting the Gocta Waterfalls, walk about 5km to get to the bottom of the falls, if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to see the famous Gallito de las Rocas (a red and very funny shaped kind of bird).

So now, are you ready yet to start your adventure to Peru?

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