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Six destinations you should visit in Chile

Between deserts to the north and glaciers to the south, Chile treasures countless fascinating attractions for lovers of nature and adventure. Also, its cities and valleys are a sample of fascinating culture, including privileged gastronomy due to the world-class quality of its wines.

If you are planning to visit Chile, these are six destinations you must include on your bucket list.


The Chilean capital gives educative mornings and fun nights to visitors. The cultural scene concentrates in Santiago, with museums, art galleries, and parks such as Cerro Santa Lucía and Bicentenario Park. At night, renowned restaurants and traditional bars open their doors in the Bellavista neighborhood.


The third largest city in the country is an explosion of color and urban art. Valparaiso characterizes by its sloppy streets and funiculars, offering beautiful views and an enjoyable journey through its architecture, named a World Heritage by UNESCO. A few kilometers away is Viña del Mar and its iconic beach.

Easter Island

More than 3,500 kilometers from Chile's coast is this incredible island full of mystery. Rapa Nui - the original name - is famous for its impressive moais: colossal stone statues that seem to protect the coast. Get up close to the local Polynesian culture and connect uniquely with nature.

San Pedro de Atacama

Walking its streets between adobe houses is an example of organic coexistence between men and their environment. A few kilometers away, the Atacama Desert expands - the aridest in the world - with a landscape that seems to take you to a science fiction movie scenario. The Valley of the Moon, its geysers, and high plateau lagoons of intense turquoise color are a must-see.

Puerto Natales

If you are an outdoor tourism lover, Chilean Patagonia is your destination. A hundred kilometers from Puerto Natales is the Torres del Paine National Park, an iconic Patagonian destination with breathtaking beauty. Hiking fans will find majestic routes at the mountains' foot, between lagoons, glaciers, and rivers.

Colchahua Valley

Located in the country's central region, it is a paradise for those who enjoy good wine. Its wine production is world-renowned, and its different vineyards offer unique experiences, from tastings activities to hiking routes. Pamper your tastebuds with Cabernet and Malbec wines - the best in the area - and with local cuisine flavor.

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