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Spring: the Best Time to Visit Peru!

Have you figured out, when’s the best time to visit Peru? The answer is: now! Spring starts in the Southern Hemisphere this 23d of September, the ideal moment for an Amazon guided tour or to enjoy any of the three beautiful regions of Peru: The Coast, The Andes or the Amazon Rainforest.

In this time of year the countries in the northern hemisphere see Autumn coming closer: temperatures get lower and the tree’s leaves start to fall. Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere: Spring starts, climate gets warmer. This is why it’s the perfect timing to get away from the colder days and come to enjoy the warmth of South America.

During this time of year, on the Andean region, it rains just a little, so you can enjoy of hiking, climbing, cycling and horseback riding around the Andes. On the other hand, in the jungle region, temperatures are warm year round (between 30°C-35°C/86°F-100°F) during daytime. September is almost the end of the dry season, so you will be able to take Amazon tours with peace and tranquility. Take a bus and explore the curves of the roads between the Andes and the Amazon Basin, where you’ll see more than a hundred of unique landscapes. In the Costa, even though it’s too foggy to go and freshen up at the beach, if you’re a beach lover you can hang out there year-round, weather is sunnier, cold temperatures start to rise and rains are less often. This is the perfect time for a Peru luxury tour around the cities and the ancient historic cities’ centers.

Share with us, what kind of adventures would you like to have in Peru? Tell us how would be a perfect trip to Peru on spring. Remember that there are a thousand of opportunities to have the best vacations ever. Doesn’t matter if you visit the Coast, the Andes or the Amazon Rainforest, the best time to go to Peru is ¡now!

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