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The Love Park and other romantic corners of Lima, Peru

An appointment in the Peruvian capital must include its green areas, its viewpoints and its restaurants.

“Love is just a bird that wanders”, “you are above the infinite sea”, “I undress you like the one who peels a fruit”. These are some of the phrases you can read on the banks of Miraflores Love Park (Parque del Amor).

Love Park, a place just to feel

With a great resemblance to those of Gaudí from Barcelona Güell Park, dozens of couples sit in Love Park every afternoon to watch the sunset over the Pacific. The park is a preferred meeting place for lovers of all Lima and, at the same time, one of the most picturesque parks in the Peruvian capital.

Love Park was inaugurated on February 14, 1993, and in fact, every Valentine it holds a contest for the longest kiss among the attending couples. But there is one couple who do not enter the competition: the figures of the sculpture signed by the Peruvian Víctor Delfín, turned into the centerpiece of the park.

It is common for newlywed couples to go to this viewpoint on their wedding day, to take pictures.

Other tourist points in Miraflores

In addition to the Love Park, there are other green areas in the Miraflores District, such as Miraflores Central Park. About 15 minutes walk from the viewpoint, the park is also known as Kennedy Park. Before there were two green areas that have now joined for the enjoyment of the neighbors.

Tourist and hotel, the district of Miraflores has several commercial areas and a wide cultural offer, with theaters, cinemas and art galleries. As in other areas of Lima, as usual, gastronomics are the most requested.

Gastronomic offer

Sandwiches and taquerías are your easiest options for a quick snack, but if you really want to surprise your partner – without leaving Miraflores – bet on a dinner at Maido or ÁmaZ. Ten and twenty minutes, respectively, from the viewpoint of the Love Park, these are two of the best restaurants in the capital.

In Maido, number 1 on the list of the 50 best Latin American restaurants -according to S. Pellegrino-, there is a firm commitment to the ‘nikkei’ cuisine. In ÁmaZ, they promote the unknown pantry of the Amazon, one of the areas with the greatest diversity and biological wealth on the planet.

For the romance, there is a very romantic place in Miraflores, La Rosa Náutica. Visible from the Love Park, it is located on a jetty over the Pacific, and is one of the hallmarks of the Lima coast.

You can also ask for a table for two in other neighborhoods in Lima. In Barranco, the place is Central, which in 2018 won second place in S. Pellegrino’s top 50. Led by Virgilio Martínez and Pía León, this restaurant makes the best possible use of Peruvian ingredients, like corn or potatoes.

Astrid and Gastón, a different cuisine

There is also a true Peruvian classic restaurant, Astrid and Gastón. The one in the San Isidro neighborhood is the star of Gastón Acurio, the father of modern Peruvian cuisine. Its 2019 summer menu pays homage to the flavors of Lima.

Located in Casa Moreyra, a space with more than 300 years of history, it has a bar, private rooms, research kitchen, patio, orchard and a beautiful terrace where tasting menus usually begin. It is the best end for a date with Lima.

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