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Mistura 2012: A Contemporary Peruvian Cuisine Tradition

Have you ever fantasized to take some culinary vacations in Peru? Well this is your chance; Mistura 2012, the famous Peruvian Cuisine fair opens its doors from September 7th to 16th in the city of Lima. In this fair thousands of attendees will delight their senses with the best of Peruvian cuisine, its splendid colors, spicy and sour touches, its succulent flavors … Anyway, all the tradition that surrounds it and that has made of this cuisine one of the most important and recognized worldwide.

Mistura is a Peruvian food festival that started just a few years ago and takes place every year in Lima for ten glorious days. As it brings the best of Peru’s food (cooks, bakers, pastry chefs, farmers, etc.) it has become a tradition itself. This is your chance to finally try the famous Peruvian hypnotizing tastes.

In this amazing gathering of the best Peruvian tastes, you can find food from the Coastal, Andean and Amazon regions, all different from each other. The interesting part is that you will find a variety of recipes for each plate, feel free to judge between them and try them all!

Travel to Peru, come to Mistura and start your culinary vacations in Peru, some vacations that we assure will not fail to delight even the most demanding connoisseur. Are you already craving for some of these? Maybe want some “ceviche”, “lomo saltado”, “rocoto relleno”? Maybe the amazing “pisco sour”? Tell us: what kind of Peruvian food would you like to try first?

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